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Through the use of non-profit humanitarian organization, the EWB-USA has established a partnership among developing communities worldwide in order to globally improve the quality of life. The EWB-USA partnership is a comprised of internationally responsible engineers and engineering students who take sustainable engineering projects and implement them into places of need.  EWB-USA is a growing entity with established chapters around the world.

The Las Vegas Professionals (EWB-LVP) Chapter of Engineers Without Borders-USAwas formed on March 12, 2008 under our bylaws. EWB-LVP has a mission which coincides with the vision and mission of EWB-USA by partnering with disadvantaged communities to improve their quality of life.  Through the use of sustainable engineering projects, EWB-LVP strives to improve environmental and economical disadvantages.  The EWB-LVP aims to donate time, skill, and hard work to help improve disadvantaged communities’ infrastructure by resolving their civil needs.

These civil needs include but are not limited to the design and construction of the following;

  • Water distribution  
  • Water Treatment
  • Waste-Water Treatment
  • Energy
  • Shelter systems

The overall objective in every project is to incorporate and train the community in all phases of the sustainable projects to ensure ownership, appropriateness and long-term effectiveness.  EWB involves the local community in every step of the process, enabling them to learn firsthand about solutions and processes to solve the problems of the developing world.  EWB-LVP will work together with EWB Student Chapters at University of Las Vegas Nevada to improve the quality of life in various communities worldwide.