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EWB-USA Projects help developing areas worldwide with their engineering needs, while involving and training a new kind of internationally responsible engineering student. The projects involve the design and construction of water, wastewater, sanitation, energy, health care and shelter systems. These projects are initiated by and completed with contributions from the host community. During this process, the host community is trained to operate the systems without external assistance. In this way, EWB-USA ensures that its projects are appropriate and self-sustaining.

Current Project

Due to lack of government support for infrastructure and the relative poverty of the area, sanitation projects are the top priorities for the area of Lomas del Sol. The mission of this project is to contribute to the betterment of quality of life of the community through the elimination of contamination of potable water, which causes illnesses, by installing family-style latrines. Forty family-style latrines will be constructed and the individual community members would own the latrines and be responsible for their maintenance.

Past Projects

Ghana, Africa Orphanage