San Francisco Libre Program

Recent News: The Travel Teams spent 10 days in Nicaragua in August 2016. With help from the community, we were able to build 13 composting latrines (goal was 12) for families in Lomas del Sol and Las Mojarras. Thanks for helping us exceed our fundraising goal for 2016!

Fundraising Goal: For our trip in the summer of 2017 we plan to implement 13 latrines! With each latrine costing $1,500 to build, our goal for this year is $20,000. This can be a very attainable goal if everybody helps with what they can!

As of November 1, 2015 we have raised $10,000 out of $33,000. We received $9,000 through EWB-USA grants from MWH ($7,500) and Bechtel ($1,500), and raised $1,000 from the October bowling tournament.

To donate for our next trip, please click on the DONATE tab from the top menu. Your donation is tax-deductible.

Lomas Del Sol and Las Mojarras Implementation Trip, August 2015 Photo Gallery:

Lomas Del Sol Implementation Trip, August 2014 Photo Gallery:

Lomas Del Sol Assessment Trip, August 2013 Photo Gallery:

Project Overview:

The goal of this project is to contribute to the betterment of the quality of life of the people in the village of Lomas del Sol (within the municipality of San Francisco Libre). We will accomplish this by partnering with the community to provide a solution to their inadequate sanitation infrastructure, which they designated as their primary need. The project will provide sustainable infrastructure for approximately 40 composting latrines, as well as an education program that will promote health and environmental consciousness.

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